The enemy of states


The enemy of states. Not particularly something anyone would like to be labelled with. Especially with the S at the end which implies you’re a foe to left and right, to east and west. You’re a foe when leaders of all states sitting in large halls with all those earplugs and all those translators and can’t understand a word of each other. Can’t deliver a single tangible improvement to world’s condition. Can’t condemn most obvious unjust acts such as land-grabbing, poverty, environmental crimes and modern days exploitation.
Welcome to the club. Welcome to the world with no walls. You’re now one of us.
But wait a minute. This is not about opposing cultural heritage, diversity of language, the variety of ceremonies, clothes and foods. They are going to stay but those walls, those borders are going to go away.

What is the border-less world?
Immigration might be the first thing which comes to your head where people from any place can migrate to another place with no barrier. That’s not a border-less world. It’s about balance and mass migration to the small number of places is clearly against any sort of balance. So is the extreme concentration of power in hands of a few. That too is against balance. It sucks resources from poor regions into rich powerful countries and so there will be no job and money in those places and consequently, it leads to mass migration. The money will eventually be in the pocket of the tiniest bit of people in those rich countries. And so no ordinary people will not benefit from it at all. The border-less world takes away large powerful central authorities. In other words, it removes the concentration of power and wealth. Now African villager farms and sells their products using their local resources and no powerful foreign authority can manipulate the rules of the game so that their own products will replace those farmers’ products in the local market. A borderless world is where no elected or non-elected politician will have a choice to choose between their pocket and the environment we all share. This is the border-less world.

So let’s do it you might say. But there are indeed huge barriers, huge walls. No, I’m not talking about those walls around borders. They will go away as a result. I’m talking about walls around castles of power and wealth. And they are firm. No fist can bring them down. So don’t embarrass yourself. There is no violent solution whatsoever. There is only one solution: gradual cultural protests. No those castles shouldn’t be brought down overnight. There is no balance in chaos.

When in trouble, governments thread to carry out assassinations or kidnapping and violence. We are not Governments. We can do better.

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