Free market and free vote don’t make a free society

‘Democracy is in trouble!’ You can imagine someone with a deep voice saying that (And probably while gazing at the horizon). As if it is been working properly until recently. Democracy is and has always been a myth. Not that people never got the right to vote and express themselves but it failed to deliver its main objective which is to move power from the marketplace(where the money is) to polling stations. The polling station is a huge marketplace on its own where politicians try to sell their often similar ideas, look for investors and try their best to persuade them their investment is profitable enough so they will invest again in the next elections.
Any society (and therefore “free society”) is a complex machine. Democracy is only one component of the free society. Now let’s examine other parts. (so far the wheel is broken but no problem)
Here is a so-called free society: Society is based on individuals who act based on their own self-interest. A governing body will then be required to make sure the self-interest of no one violates the rights of other people. They pass laws and resolve disputes. Therefore everyone in the society is free to follow their self-interests and the governing body ensures that the right of all people will be protected.
That is a free society in theory. Now, this is how it works in practice:
Individuals act based on their self-interest and so earn a profit. Then they invest it in the power marketplace. Elected politicians will then pass laws accordingly. Consequently, those individuals will earn even more profit and so invest in the power marketplace even more. And this false loop goes on and on. The result is Mega companies with huge influence over parliament. (Which inevitably leads to violating the rights of smaller companies and individuals.)
You guessed it the ideal free society and true “free society” don’t look similar because, well, they are not. What is the problem? Representative democracy, power market place.
No, I’m not against the idea of democracy, the rule of the people as the Greek word suggests. But the implementation of the idea is wrong. Power marketplace is where the trouble is. To fix the false loop power marketplace should be discarded altogether. It doesn’t mean people should not vote. Quite opposite they will vote by their every move. Economists call it voting by your pocket. Buying a product is, in fact, voting for that product. You’re not just buying it, you’re voting for it against other similar products. That is a direct democracy (in contrast to the representative democracy where you vote for representatives, members of parliament for example, and they vote instead of you). What if we could expand that? What if we could choose between different private law-enforcement companies for example? No need for representatives to decide how law-enforcement should work in a country but we could directly vote and choose one private company among many other. Those companies would compete with each other to provide the best service and we would vote and choose one.
This solves the problem. There will be no representative in the parliament. So no power marketplace. People are constantly voting with their pocket. But it poses a new problem. Those who have more money will have more votes.
No, don’t even think about communism. More on this in the next articles.


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