The four pillars of decentralized society

This is a great talk by Johann Gevers at a local TEDx event.


For millions of years, humans lived together in small decentralized network communities.
Everybody knew everybody and it was hard to get away with doing bad things.

But then the invention of agriculture allowed thousands and millions of people to live together in large societies. Everybody no longer knew everybody in these societies.

There was the rise of anonymity. And anonymity threatened the social order.

This leads to a central authority to restore the social order.

They kept the social order but with great power comes great abuse.

That was the only way to organized a society and people had no other option for thousands of years.
But technology-based trust system leads to decentralized society again. Thousands of years of centralized society was just a transition to a new kind of a decentralized society.

But the printing press was only the first of a long series of technologies [of technology-based trust system], the most recent of which is the internet and Bitcoin.

The technology of trust has four pillars:

1-Decentralized communication:

Before we can do anything we need to communicate what we want to do.
It has two essential component in the modern world: the internet and cryptography.

So peer to peer communication with no censorship or surveillance is possible.

2-Decentralized law:
The three essential components of a decentralized legal system are:
choice of law, choice of adjudicator and choice of enforcer.
We can choose which law to use in a contract (or we can make up our own law), who resolves our disputes and who it is that enforces our contracts.

It sounds like very radical ideas. But these are actually not untested theories. This is the original way that our legal systems operate.

3-Decentralized production:
Two components of decentralized production are:
A)Decentralized material production includes technologies like 3d printing which bypasses the governments’ restrictions regarding the flow of goods globally.

B)Decentralized energy production. We are now in the early days of decentralized energy production which allows people to produce their energy cheaply at home.

This will move us to much smaller systems [in contrast to mega companies like Apple] where people can produce their own goods and services at home without censorship.

4-Decentralized finance:
Two essential components are: A)Decentralized currency like Bitcoin and B)Decentralized contracting systems which offer a complete universal transaction platform.

With these technologies, you have the power back in your own hands.

You can find the whole talk here.

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