The world order in a decentralized world

China, that’s it. China will be the ultimate ruler you might think as there will be no strong western government in the new decentralized world. So maybe sidelining central authorities is not such a great idea after all.
Let me be absolutely clear, history never has a plan B. Just imagine this for a moment: China is the largest economy in the world. It rules the world with its current human right record and no democracy. At least now we can hope that Americans will vote Trump out in the next election. Not possible when China is the main power in the world and shapes its new order.
China will replace the US. Trump can fast forward the process but no one can reverse it. And no I’m not against China or east or west. I have no trust in no individual to rule the world in the future. Be it a representative, elected in a disastrous election or even worse a king. We can’t afford another Trump to decide for us whether the environment should be protected or not.
This is the future of the world: a huge global block against declining central authorities all around the world. This is not my opinion. This is what 3d printing and Blockchain and technology are telling you. This is not a prediction. This is a simple calculation. And yes it’s not going to happen tomorrow first thing in the morning but it will happen and no one can stop that.
What will be the fate of powerful authoritarian regimes like China and Russia? Imagine this scenario:
A from China signs a contract with B, an American. They agree on which law and law enforcer to use. The law enforcer company might ask both parties to deposit an amount of money in the case of dispute. They pay no tax. They don’t follow the laws of any country. Both governments are simply out of the equation.
Manufacturing is also declining and so governments’ policies on tariff for instance, will become less and less significant. Today a manufacturer should deal with governments and obey their rules in order to be able to sell their products there. But manufacturing is steadily declining and digital services and 3d printing is steadily growing.
Central authorities such as authoritarian regimes will have less and less income and their policies will be less and less significant. This is the rule of the free market:

Services with no buyers will be out of the game.

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