Our Mission

Our philosophy is simple: Concentration of wealth (just like the concentration of power) is evil. Mega companies which own all our personal data are declining. And one thing is clear: Those mega companies will not be replaced with new mega companies.
It’s safe to say that the future will be decentralized and no mega-company will possess our data and use it as they wish. Yes, Facebook “is free and always will be.” But our data is not free and never will be.

It’s no more a mega company but a mega-community where users possess and govern the platform they use. No one owns the database and the platform.
We have a long way to go and we’ve just started. We believe setting up a decentralized platform is not merely about technology. People should feel like they own the platform. And that is possible only when they contribute their expertise to develop the platform as well.
So we have just set up the starting point and we aim to achieve a complete decentralized platform step by step in several phases.

The website will not (and should not) be another social media platform at this point. The first phase is just to form a community and what a better way than using jokes and games to form a community of like-minded people. So the platform will be the home of jokes and insensitive data before developing a decentralized platform where no one governs the platform, not us or anybody else.

No such project succeeds without a clear business model. We will NOT sell the users’ data.
In the first phase, we rely on donations. Users will soon be able to upload their designs, photos, videos and other creative contents to be used in the website and other users can donate to their favourite content creators or the website for as little as 1 cent and even less.
In the next phase, we will sell tickets for online social events created by users. We will keep a portion of the money to develop the platform and the rest will be paid to users who are involved in those events.
The platform is nothing more than the contents users create. Our business model is based on the idea that users earn money by creating the contents of the platform and a portion of the money will be kept by us for development and maintenance purposes.